3 Easy to make personality enhancing hair styles for Gemini

Gemini May 21st– Jun 20th:

curious is what Gemini is. Their curiosity dragged them towards creativity. They are good communicators. Optimistic approach lead them towards better future and the past is past for them. Their versatility makes their future brighter. However, their lack of consistency causes them to flee from the daily problem and makes their escape to another world. Their star sign twins show their dual nature. Mostly relaxed from inside and show weakness from outside. This kind cleverness makes Gemini women fit into any environment.


With a good sense of fashion Gemini is so playful. In parties, they are most of the fun. Because of their personality, Gemini has to think more than others so what they need is bare forehead for a cut. Experimenting nature gives them versatility in fashion and style.


Styling up the hairs:

For a Gemini, there are two criteria’s for a style: 1st is style must be a non-committal, and the 2nd is it should be fun for sure. Tuck-in style suits best to Gemini because it projects uncomplicated and trendy nature.  Gemini women like it simple in a little bit of a messy tone. For video guide visit www.fashonik.com


An easy to make hair style for a lazy morning. All you need is mini hair elastics and bobby pins. Follow these easy instructions to get your very own tucked-up hairstyle.

  1. Take an inch of hair from each side of your head and bind them together with hair elastic. Below this section, make ponytail of half of your hair.
  2. Take an inch of hair from the right side of your head and tuck it into the bonded part of hair (from the first step). Use a bobby pin to stable this structure.
  3. Repeat the upper step until all the hair tucked-up.
  4. If you see any extra hair use bobby pin to cover it.


A hairstyle perfect for this star because it shows the forehead prominently. This style fulfills the basic style need for a Gemini. Let’s take a look at these easy five steps to make a triple-bun.

  1. Make three equal sized ponytails. Use mini hair elastics at the base of ponytail so they stay separate.
  2. Use three more mini hair elastics on ponytails 2inches above from the hair ends.
  3. Take the center ponytail and make a roll of it now pin it at the base of that ponytail.
  4. Now revise the step 3 with the right ponytail.
  5. Do it same as step 3 with a left And your triple-bun is ready to roll.

The crisscross:

Another great example of clear and prominent hairstyle. All you need is some bobby pins, hair texturing spray, tail comb and hair clips. Now follow these simple steps.

  1. Apply hair texturing spray at the roots of the hair.
  2. From the frontline of your hair take a 1inch section of hair (use tail comb) and clipped it out.
  3. Take a half inch of hair from the right side of your hairline and take it to the left side of your head from the back side of your head and pin it there.
  4. Do it same as step 3 on left.
  5. Keep revising step 3 and 4 until your way back to the end of the head. After that spray your head for hold.

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