A beginners guide for design freelancers

This word freelancer or freelancing drives most of the designers crazy. They feel like they have attained salvation when they get a freelance project. They start day dreaming and their imagination levels about their career growth as a freelancer is far much high than the creativity that they deploy for their designs. When i got my first freelance project in back 2008 that night i bought White House in my dream. This is the level of ecstasy the word freelance gives to every fresher in the design industry. But by the end of the first freelance project all of us would have learnt that freelancing is not the way we thought and some of them quit freelancing a few months later. Thank God! i did not give up freelancing when i under went all these frustrations, which gave really rich and varied experience, which turned me into a better professional. So here are a few tips to better your freelance business.